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  • Set your own hours (as many or little as you like).
  • Sell the travel products that you want and to whom you want.
  • Unlimited earning potential.


  • A passion for travel.
  • No travel industry experience required!
  • A phone line & internet connection.


How much training is involved and how long does it take?

There is no set amount of training required before you can begin selling travel. However, there are plenty of online training webinars, supplier academies and in-house training sessions to get you off and running. The more you put into it, the more confident you will be in selling travel! 

What is the success rate of home-based travel agents?

We have many successful agents working under the Travel Best Bets Connected Agent program who earn enough commission to be their sole source of income. We also have many agents that utilize the program as a “side hustle” along with having another job. How well you do in this business will depend on how much time and effort is put into your business through training and how many clients you have. It can be as big or small as you like!

Who will I sell travel to?

Friends, family, social media followers and anyone/everyone that you meet! Let everyone you meet know that you are a travel agent and can take care of all of their travel needs. We will also give you lots of tips on how to market your services.

Do I need licensing?

Nope, none! Travel Best Bets holds all the licenses for you.

What do the sign up and monthly fees cover?

The fees cover your access to ClientBase, our Resource Center, and supplier platforms, as well as on-going marketing, training and on-call help.

Do I need any programs downloaded on my computer? Is Mac or PC best?

You will need to download the occasional program but not to worry as they are generally accessible on any computer. You will also need to download either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer if you don’t already have them, as many agent programs do not work on Safari. PC’s generally work better with the programs, however Macs are functional as long as you download Chrome.

Why Travel Best Bets?

We have been the leading independent travel agency in Canada for the last 26 years. Our owner, Claire Newell is the leading media voice in the travel industry and her staff are proud to represent the Travel Best Bets brand.  We give you a starter kit to success with our advanced technology, established reputation, unlimited earning potential, education & specialization support, as well as a connection to a community of travel professionals. You will also have access to Travel Best Bets exclusive travel products giving you a competitive advantage when selling to clients.

Watch Claire Newell discuss the program below.



..” Since joining the Travel Best Bets program 2 years ago, I have had the opportunity to not only earn additional income, but to build a new career in the travel industry.  The ongoing support and training has been incredible, as well as building new friendships.” –Zoya Lovell

“I have been employed as a Connected Agent with Travel Best Bets for about 3 years.  I love the ability to work from my home office, while having the support of colleagues and a supervisor like working in a real office type setting.  I love our weekly team sessions, that keep me updated with the new promotions, changes or anything happening in the travel world. Working for Travel Best Bets is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”  –Nicole Hannah

“I have been a Connected Agent since August 2013. Being an Independent Contractor allows me the flexibility to determine what my business will look like. Travel Best Bets supports my success in a variety of ways. For a small monthey fee, they handle much of the accounting side of the business.This takes a lot of the stress from my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I want to do and that is sell travel.  Travel Best Bets is extremely good at sourcing out some amazing travel specials, many that are exclusive to them. This provides a wealth of travel opportunities that we can provide for/to our clients; opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.  As a Connected Agent I am well supported by a dedicated and very knowledgeable manager as well as my fellow consultants. It is a win/win for all of us. Travel Best Bets provides opportunities for ongoing education in a variety of ways including but not limited to online webinars and in-person training. But the most beneficial support I receive as a Connected Agent is being associated with the Owner/CEO Claire Newell. Ms Newell is a very well known and respected travel specialist. The brand she has created and built is a brand I am very honored  to be associated with.” –Lori Tedrick


About Travel Best Bets

The company was founded by Travel Expert, Claire Newell in 1993 with the sole purpose of offering travel consumers superior customer service, travel selection, the best value and the lowest prices guaranteed on travel and travel related products. Today Travel Best Bets has grown into one of Canada’s largest independent travel companies. Our headquarters and call centre is located at 201-3011 Underhill Avenue, Burnaby BC.