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Pricing Policy


All prices advertised by Travel Best Bets are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. Prices listed are subject to change without prior notice. Changes in price are the result of a tour operator and/or airline change and are not the direct responsibility of Travel Best Bets. Once a booking is complete, prices cannot be changed. Prices of packages and flights are not guaranteed until your booking is confirmed.

Taxes listed in accompany to base prices are those imposed by the tour operator plus Travel Best Bets’ booking management fee of $30 including GST. Packages booked online will only be subject to a $5 (plus GST) booking management fee.

Taxes charged by each tour operator vary in amount and consist of different fees, taxes and surcharges in which Travel Best Bets has no control. Travel Best Bets does not have access to the categorical breakdowns of what each tax amount is composed of. This information is exclusive to each tour operator.

Travel Best Bets and all other travel agencies within Canada are required to advertise taxes with base prices but are not required to group both the base price and taxes together as one total price.

As of January 2013 it is mandatory that airlines display the total price a consumer must pay in order to fly, including all taxes, fees and charges. Canadian travel agencies selling air only or packages with air are NOT obligated to adhere to this total price advertising legislation.  

To read more on these rules and regulations please visit the Air Transportation Agency of Canada’s website at: