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Earn & Learn

Welcome to Travel Best Bets’ Earn & Learn program!

Through this initiative, you will be able to practice selling real travel to your family and friends as you move through this course, supported by Travel Best Bets. By the time you have your certification, you could have already tried out every aspect of selling travel and will be set to become an expert on day one.

To apply for the program, please email [email protected] with your resume, a cover letter as to why you want to join, and any previous experience you have that may be relevant to the program. You will then be contacted for an interview if you sound like a good fit for the team!

More about the Connected Agent program:

Choose what you want your independent agency to sell, specialize in what you’re good at selling, and have the freedom to focus on your clients – we’ll take care of the rest. We give you a starter kit to success with advanced technology, an established reputation, unlimited earning potential, education & specialization support, as well as a connection to a community of travel professionals. You will also have access to Travel Best Bets exclusive travel products giving you a competitive advantage when selling to clients. These are just a few examples of what we call The Travel Best Bets Advantage.

..” Since joining the Travel Best Bets program 2 years ago, I have had the opportunity to not only earn additional income, but to build a new career in the travel industry.  The ongoing support and training has been incredible, as well as building new friendships.” Zoya Lovell

“I have been employed as a Connected Agent with Travel Best Bets for about 3 years.  I love the ability to work from my home office, while having the support of colleagues and a supervisor like working in a real office type setting.  I love our weekly team sessions, that keep me updated with the new promotions, changes or anything happening in the travel world. Working for Travel Best Bets is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”  Nicole Hannah

“I have been a Connected Agent since August 2013. Being an Independent Contractor allows me the flexibility to determine what my business will look like. Travel Best Bets supports my success in a variety of ways. For a small monthey fee, they handle much of the accounting side of the business.This takes a lot of the stress from my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I want to do and that is sell travel.  Travel Best Bets is extremely good at sourcing out some amazing travel specials, many that are exclusive to them. This provides a wealth of travel opportunities that we can provide for/to our clients; opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.  As a Connected Agent I am well supported by a dedicated and very knowledgeable manager as well as my fellow consultants. It is a win/win for all of us. Travel Best Bets provides opportunities for ongoing education in a variety of ways including but not limited to online webinars and in-person training. But the most beneficial support I receive as a Connected Agent is being associated with the Owner/CEO Claire Newell. Ms Newell is a very well known and respected travel specialist. The brand she has created and built is a brand I am very honored  to be associated with.” Lori Tedrick

About Travel Best Bets

The company was founded by Travel Expert, Claire Newell in 1993 with the sole purpose of offering travel consumers superior customer service, travel selection, the best value and the lowest prices guaranteed on travel and travel related products. Today Travel Best Bets has grown into one of Canada’s largest independent travel companies. Our headquarters and call centre is located at 201-3011 Underhill Avenue, Burnaby BC.

Travel Best Bets TRUST

We are committed to helping independent travel agents live a lifestyle of success and are looking for passionate experts that sell cruises, tours, and vacation packages and who run their businesses with integrity and professionalism.

The following are a few key factors that set Travel Best Bets apart and why joining Travel Best Bets is your path to success we call it — TRUST:



Unlimited Earning Potential


Travel Professional Community


Our goal is to continue maximizing efficiencies with technology. It is part of the business that will constantly change and evolve to keep up with the times!

We aim to have easy to use and efficient technology that is at the same time. As part of Travel Best Bets Team Mobile you will have access to our CRM database, in-house product databases, on-line booking engine, support resources, marketing documents, the back-end commission interface, a dedicated Travel Best Bets phone number & so much more…everything you need to run a successful agency.

We also offer your independent business its own private-label webpage (ie: www.travelbestbets.com/YOURNAME), which provides customers with real-time pricing, promotions and rich content that is automatically updated. Enjoy a high-quality website and a robust marketing program without spending any money or time managing it – we do it for you so you can focus on selling!


We have a well-known brand and long-standing reputation that clients know & trust! Over the past 20 years Travel Best Bets has established a successful brand in the travel industry and is known as being one of the top-producing agencies in Canada. We are deeply committed to the integrity and professionalism required in keeping our excellent reputation now and in the future.

Travel Best Bets is also part of the Ensemble Travel® Group. Established in 1968, Ensemble Travel® Group is an organization made up of approximately 850 travel agencies across the U.S. and Canada. They design unique consumer vacation products, innovative marketing programs, robust technology tools, and relevant business services for all members. By leveraging their North American presence, they help boost members’ profits, deliver high volume sales to our preferred suppliers, and enable members to offer their clients authentic experiences that will inspire their passion for travel. The resources made available through membership of Ensemble including exclusive products, marketing, training & events are invaluable to today’s travel professionals.

Unlimited Earning Potential

We’re the solution to making significantly more than the average home-based travel professional! At our organization, our belief is that when you succeed, we all succeed. Choose what you want your independent agency to sell, specialize in what you’re good at selling, and have the freedom to focus on your clients – we’ll take care of the rest.

Studies show that the #1 sales’ concern is generating new leads. New clients are fundamental to your success and we will provide new leads in 2 ways – ‘potential client’ leads from our quote request database and ‘past client’ leads from our CRM database so that your independent agency can focus on what you do best – selling dream vacations. Remember, it’s not just about the commission splits like you may have seen with other host agencies. Based on the actual income potential for your agency, it isn’t what a host agency splits with you; it’s how much you make at the end of the day that counts!

In addition, having a home-based business has its own advantages including:

Tax deductions
– Office supplies including computers & printers
– Partial rent & utilities
– Phone bills
– Travel expenses

Other benefits
– a flexible schedule
– no time wasted commuting
– access to travel agent rates & incentives
– access to a benefits program


We take the headache out of having your own business. You outsource the back-end of your business to the Travel Best Bets support staff so that you can focus on selling!

Our dedicated support staff handles the aspects of business that take time away from selling. We offer accounting and commission tracking, access to exclusive Travel Best Bets product & rates, access to exclusive group space, a customer care and contact center and continuous marketing support including marketing to your own clients at no additional cost. A variety of vendor and internal professional development programs are made available to our network almost weekly and you can increase your product knowledge with our access to FAM trips, webinars, ship inspections & in-house (headquarters) training sessions.

Travel Professional Community

We are a community of professional, like-minded business owners that you can join by becoming a member of Travel Best Bets Connected Agents.

With Travel Best Bets, you are not in business alone. Enjoy the perks of owning your agency while being a part of a network of entrepreneurial peers. We have a family-style atmosphere and encourage communication within the network.

Get Started!

Congratulations on your decision! You’ve taken the first step towards changing your world!