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More than 18,000 islands make up the nation of Indonesia and this voyage will take you off the tourist trail and into the authentic heart of this sprawling archipelago. This is discovery cruising at its finest, venturing to remote villages and uninhabited islands in absolute 6-star luxury. Walk amongst dragons on Komodo Island, be awed by ancient Papuan rock art and snorkel in the richly biodiverse waters of Raja Ampat. The expert Discovery Team on board will be on hand throughout the voyage to offer their insights into these fascinating destinations and lead immersive excursions.

  • 15 night all-inclusive cruise aboard Scenic Eclipse II
  • Airport transfers to and from the ship
  • Personalized butler service for every guest
  • Up to 10 culinary experiences, from casual to fine dining
  • The finest selection of included premium branded beverages, with a choice of over 100 whiskeys**
  • Up to 8-member specialist Discovery Team
  • Immersive excursions led by an expert Discovery Team and experience local guides
  • Engaging lectures and education program with on board experts
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Port taxes and charges
  • All tipping and gratuities
  • Save $5000 per cabin! (price reflects discount)
July 6, 2025 Cruise Only
Verandah $22239   $19739
Deluxe Verandah Suite $21889   $19389
Grand Deluxe Verandah Suite $24309   $21809
Taxes & Fees Included

New bookings only – Deposit is due at booking.
Promotion is subject to change without notice

**All drinks on board are included except a very small number of rare, fine and vintage wines, Champagnes and spirits.


Day 1 Sun, 06 Jul Benoa, Bali, Indonesia (D)
Welcome to Bali, the Island of the Gods. One of 18,000 islands that make up the country of Indonesia, but long a favoured destination for Australian travellers. Spectacularly beautifully, culturally diverse and brimming with luxury, Bali is truly a little piece of paradise. Scenic Eclipse will be waiting for you off the coast of Benoa, a peninsula on the southern edge of the island.

Board your 6-star Discovery Yacht this afternoon. Be warmly greeted by the Scenic Eclipse II crew and familiarise yourself with your spacious suite. With just up to 228 passengers on board, you’ll experience an immersive, engaging voyage through this fascinating part of the world. Ask your butler to bring a glass of Champagne to your suite and toast the start of an unforgettable voyage from your private verandah.

Please book your flight to arrive into Denpasar prior to 02:00 PM.

Day 2 Mon, 07 Jul Moyo Island > Satonda Island (B,L,D)
This beautiful part of the world is tailor-made for island hopping and the ultra-luxury Scenic Eclipse II will call at two island ports today, both off the north coast of Sumbawa. The first is Moyo Island, described as an Eden in the Flores Sea. The whole island is a national park, and the surrounding waters are a marine reserve, making Moyo one of Indonesia’s key conservation sites. The lush forests are home to indigenous rusa deer, wild boar and macaque monkeys; the skies are filled with birds; and a kaleidoscopic ocean reef bubbles with fish, turtles, manta rays and whale sharks.

Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts use GPS Dynamic Positioning, which allows the ship to maintain position without the use of an anchor, protecting this sensitive ecosystem.

Set off at midday for the nearby Satonda Island, a small ring-shaped island with a lake in the centre. The island is believed to be an ancient volcano that rose from the depths of the ocean and even today Satonda is shrouded in local myth and mystery. Some local tribes believe that the island is forbidden, while others believe that certain trees can grant wishes. The water here is clear and calm, making for exceptional swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Day 3 Tue, 08 Jul Komodo Island (B,L,D)
This is a momentous day for all those aboard Scenic Eclipse II, cruising into one of the world’s great natural treasures. Today come face to face with the eponymous species of giant lizard that has been roaming these forests for millions of years.

Stretching up to three metres in length and weighing over 150kg, the Komodo dragon is a lizard unlike any other. It lives on just a handful of islands in the Indonesian archipelago, with the majority found on Komodo Island.

Board Scenic Eclipse II again at midday to cruise around the island to the famous Pink Beach. The soft sand is coloured pink by finely crushed pieces of coral and shells, just one of seven pink beaches found anywhere in the world. The turquoise water that laps the shoreline makes for a striking contrast. Beneath the surface, the wonders continue with hundreds of species of coral and an abundance of fish.

Day 4 Wed, 09 Jul Larantuka, Flores Island (B,L,D)
Flores Island is fast becoming one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations. Set on the far eastern edge of the island, it was founded by the Portuguese in the 15th century, and spent many years as the trade and administrative centre of the region.

Scenic Eclipse II will be able to dock right in the centre of the city. Wander the streets at your leisure and soak in its cool maritime flavour. Witness the Portuguese connection, along with a rich Catholic history in the buildings that surround you. Admire the famous Katedral Reinha Rosari, known as the Church of Iron and resembling an ornate Disney castle. The city is a major pilgrimage site for Catholics over Easter and you may see early preparations underway for the grand Holy Week celebrations.

Day 5 Thu, 10 Jul Alor Island (B,L,D)
After sailing across the Banda Sea, Scenic Eclipse II will arrive at Alor Island this morning. The easternmost and largest of the 20 islands in the Alor archipelago, Alor has rugged volcanic terrain dotted with traditional villages. A site to behold and one for the avid photographer.

Alor Island is home to a number of unique Indigenous tribes that live in the same way they have for thousands of years. Visit a local village this morning to see the striking architecture and well-preserved customs. Alor is also known as ‘the island of a thousand mokos’. Mokos are a small bronze drum believed to have originated from the Don Dong culture of Vietnam and many homes on Alor will have one in pride of place.

Just after midday you’ll set sail for Sika Island, a tiny outcrop off the north coast of Alor. This beautiful island is a conservation area and best known for its population of dugongs. Reaching up to three metres long and weighing 400kg, these enormous sea mammals float gracefully through the crystal-clear water munching on sea grass and can be spotted from Deck 10 or the Observation Lounge through Scenic’s Swarovski crystal telescope.

Tonight, order a night cap from your butler and stay up late as you’ll be sailing past an extraordinary island around 11 pm. Pulau Komba is home to Mount Batutara, an active volcano that erupts every 20 minutes. Even at night, you should be able to see the glowing lava and explosive spray as you pass by.

Day 6 Fri, 11 Jul At Sea (B,L,D)
Today is yours to do as much or as little as you want. Unwind slowly, start your day off with breakfast brought to your suite by your butler, enjoyed on the verandah as the emerald-green coastline slips by outside. Or perhaps start the day with an invigorating work out in the gym or a class in the Yoga & Pilates studio.

Take some time to explore your ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht, from the Sky Bar and outdoor Vitality Pool on Deck 10 to the tranquil Senses Spa on Deck 6 with its steam rooms, saunas, plunge pool and KLAFS Salt Therapy Lounge. Stop for a coffee or a cocktail at one of the nine bars and lounges on board, or curl up with a good book in the library of the Observation Lounge. Be sure to check the daily program to see what lectures or discussions the Discovery Team are running and learn more about upcoming ports, wildlife and activities on offer.

Day 7 Sat, 12 Jul Banda Islands (B,L,D)
The Banda Islands have long fascinated travellers for more than 700 years. Once known as the Spice Islands, this legendary cluster of exotic ports was a thriving trading hub for rare spices like nutmeg and mace. In 1512, Portuguese explorer Francisco Serrao completed an arduous round the world journey and became the first European to ever set foot on Banda Neira. For the next three centuries, these tiny volcanic outcrops were highly prized and fiercely fought over by every great colonial power. This intriguing history is woven into the fabric of the island, with grand Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture lining the streets and imposing forts looking over the harbour. Explore the town, hear its colourful stories, and get an insight into its tumultuous past. Offshore, the snorkelling around Banda Neira is some of the best in Indonesia and can be enjoyed by Scenic’s selection of water toys, like stand-up paddle boards or kayaks.

Day 8 Sun, 13 Jul Arguni Island (B,L,D)
Today, you are truly cruising off the map and to locations few intrepid travellers get to venture. The isolated Arguni Island sits off the coast of the remote region of West Papua. The island has been known to outsiders since the 17th century, but this is a place that few tourists have ever set foot. Only a few hundred people live on the island, speaking their own unique Arguni language, and making a living through fishing and pearl farming.

The island is famous for its prehistoric Papuan rock art, which can be found on the limestone cliffs and caves that dot the island. Their origin is uncertain, but experts estimate they are up to 7,000 years old. The paintings share many similarities with the art of tribes from northern Australia and Papua New Guinea, suggesting ancient cultural connections. Be further immersed in the local culture at a stilt village, built on the edge of a mangrove swamp, where traditional customs of music, dance, craft and food remain largely unchanged.

Day 9 Mon, 14 Jul Raja Ampat Islands, Gam Island (B,L,D)
Today sail into another world surrounded by the Raja Ampat Island. With more than 1,500 sparsely populated islands peppered across the ocean north of West Papua, the isolated archipelago of Raja Ampat is often called ‘the last paradise on earth’. Also known as the world’s most biodiverse marine region; 75% of the world’s known coral species can be found here and the waters are home to more than 1,600 species of fish. Yet because of its remote location, Raja Ampat is largely untouched by mass tourism. During your three days cruising here, you may not see another cruise ship and only occasionally spot small villages or barefoot beach resorts tucked into quiet coves.

This morning, explore Gam Island. With its hilly interior, sharp limestone cliffs and thick jungle, the interior of Gam is all but impassable. Just a few villages sit on the coast and there are no roads or paths across the island. It’s known for its incredible bird life, including the red birds of paradise, western crowned pigeons, palm cockatoos and the ground-dwelling maleo.

Day 10 Tue, 15 Jul Raja Ampat Islands, Wayag Island (B,L,D)
Scenic Eclipse II will sail north overnight, bound for one of the northernmost islands in Raja Ampat. Uninhabited and breathtakingly beautiful, Wayag is one of Indonesia’s most recognisable sights, the star of many television commercials and billboards. Crystal clear waters are fringed by white sand beaches and dramatic karst islands sprout straight up from the sea. Even seasoned travellers will be dazzled by its natural beauty.

There are no landings on the island, but you’ll enjoy a picturesque site seeing spot offshore on board your luxuriously appointed Discovery Yacht. Fitted with state-of-the-art GPS Dynamic Positioning system, Scenic Eclipse II is able to hold her position without dropping anchor on ecologically sensitive seabeds.

Take this idyllic time to explore on excursions for swimming, snorkelling and wildlife spotting, cruising through the sapphire seas on a Zodiac. You’ll spend a full day here, giving you time to explore everything Wayag has to offer and soak in the splendour of this pristine paradise.

Day 11 Wed, 16 Jul Raja Ampat Islands, Misool Island (B,L,D)
Cruising back south, straight through the centre of Raja Ampat, you’ll arrive at Misool Island this morning. One of the four largest islands of the group, known collectively as the Four Kings, it has a permanent population of around 5,000 scattered around a few villages. It’s also home to a handful of resorts – look out for the overwater bungalows clinging to the coast as you pull in.

In a region of spectacular biodiversity, Misool manages to stand above the rest of Raja Ampat. It is surrounded by one of the most pristine reef systems left on earth and is one of the few places where biodiversity is improving, rather than declining. The clear waters are home to a dazzling array of corals and fish, and you can spot whales, sharks and dolphins frolicking in the open ocean. Today, enjoy more swimming, snorkelling and watersports in an unforgettable location.

Day 12 Thu, 17 Jul At Sea (B,L,D)
Make the most of another sea day indulging in the many exceptional dining experiences on board Scenic Eclipse. Start with breakfast al fresco at the Yacht Club (be sure to return later to visit the large gelato fridge). For lunch, Azure Bar & Café serves light meals, pizza and salads that are available for grazing throughout the day. Elements is the ship’s main restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where the menu ranges from Italian to steak and seafood.

The selection of specialty restaurants on board allows you to dine around the world each night. Channel the spirit of Asia at Koko’s Asian Fusion; choose one of the sunken Japanese-style tables for an authentic ambience. Grab a seat at the bar at Sushi @ Koko’s to watch the chefs at work or enjoy the spectacle of teppanyaki-style dining inspired by the markets of Asia at Night Market @ Koko’s, an exclusive experience for just eight guests at a time. Journey to France at Lumière, a contemporary fine dining French restaurant replete with a luxe Champagne bar.

Day 13 Fri, 18 Jul Kai Islands (B,L,D)
There are millions of beaches in Indonesia yet the ones you’ll see today might be the country’s most beautiful. The Kai Islands are part of the Maluku Province and are made entirely of white sand and coral. Talcum powder beaches are lapped by the strikingly blue waters of the Banda Sea and fringed with lush rows of palm trees. Despite their jaw-dropping beauty, these islands remain far off the tourist trail, and you’ll be unlikely to see another visitor.

Spend today living out your castaway fantasies on a deserted island, swimming and snorkelling in the warm water or just lazing on the sand.

Day 14 Sat, 19 Jul Yamdena Island (Tanimbar Islands), Indonesia (B,L,D)
You’ll spot land early this morning, the remote Tanimbar Islands. One of Indonesia’s most far-flung outposts, this archipelago of 65 islands sits just a few hundred kilometres north of Darwin. The islands range from densely forested hills to low lying swamplands and deserted beaches. As Scenic Eclipse II sails towards the largest island, Yamdena, and the capital, Saumlaki, discover a bustling city home to around 20,000 people.

Smaller villages on the island have retained many of their unique cultural traditions, including music, dance and crafts. The Tanimbar Islands are also famous for the rare birds that inhabit the untouched forests, making it a popular destination for ornithologists. Be sure to listen closely as the Scenic Eclipse gently and silently glides by.

Day 15 Sun, 20 Jul At Sea (B,L,D)
Enjoy another luxurious day at sea. Today could be the perfect time to relax and recharge in the indulgent Senses Spa on Deck 6. Inside this luxurious retreat you can be pampered with a range of ESPA treatments^ including massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as alternative therapies like Tibetan bowl sound healing. After your treatment, cool off in the Vitality plunge pool on the Senses Spa Pool Deck or warm up in the exclusive KLAFS Salt Therapy Lounge, where heated beds have special healing properties. Exhale in the saunas, and steam rooms, or refresh with therapeutic pressure showers, and a hair and beauty salon within the spa complex.

Once you’re ready to venture out, watch the world slip by as you relax in a cabana on the Sky Deck before taking a dip in the Vitality Pool with a refreshing drink in hand. Read a book in the Observation Lounge library or take one with you and find the hanging egg chairs on Deck 7. Alternatively, ask your butler to bring afternoon tea or cocktails to your suite for you to enjoy on the private verandah while marvelling at the endless ocean ahead of you.

Day 16 Mon, 21 Jul Darwin, Northern Territory (B)
Your cruise ends in Darwin. Sitting at the crossroads of Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands, this tropical capital is closer to Bali than Bondi. It’s rich in history, culture and natural wonders, perched on the edge of the continent looking out over the Timor Sea. Darwin is packed with galleries and museums that celebrate its unique cultural blend, plus delicious restaurants that draw from nearby Asian nations.

After an unforgettable voyage, it’s time to farewell your fellow guests and Scenic Eclipse II crew. Take with you fond memories of the places you have seen, once-in-a-lifetime moments and the unrivalled ultra-luxury experience on board Scenic Eclipse II.

Please book your flight to depart out of Darwin after 12:00 PM.

The itinerary is a guide only and may be amended for operational reasons. As such Scenic cannot guarantee the cruise will operate unaltered from the itinerary stated above. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

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Our Flexible Booking Plan allows you to defer your booking to an alternative date, or cancel your journey, up to 90 day prior to departure, less third-party fees. We will provide you with a Future Travel Credit to use on an alternate tour/cruise, which is valid for 24 months.

This plan is available to purchase for a wide range of destinations* for departures in 2022 and onwards.

*Excludes Russia, Amazon and Galapagos Cruises.

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  • Excludes Russia, Amazon and Galapagos cruising.
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Platinum Protection Plan
The Platinum Protection Plan (“PPP”) is available for new river and ocean cruising bookings for travel after 1 January 2022 for Scenic (“Eligible Booking”).
The PPP must be purchased together with the Eligible Booking at time such booking is made and may not be added at a later date.
The PPP is provided at a cost of $395 per person per river cruise and $595 per person per cruise on Scenic Eclipse voyages (“PPP Fee”).
The PPP is not available on Russian cruises, Russian cruise tours, Amazon and Galapagos cruises or land tours and the PPP is also not available to new bookings using a Future Travel Credit.

The World’s First Discovery Yachts

Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery YachtsTM , have set the benchmark in ultra-luxury ocean cruising. An on board submarine^, two helicopters^, a fleet of Zodiacs, and the world class Discovery Team, all experts in their field, ensures Scenic Eclipse is unrivalled in truly all inclusive worldwide exploration. Reserved for up to 228 guests, or 200 in Polar regions, with an almost 1:1 staff to guest ratio, each moment on board Scenic Eclipse is truly spectacular.

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Experience the benefits of small ship river cruising and discovery voyages on board our custom-built luxury ships. Our ships are specifically designed to access smaller ports so you can start to explore from the moment you disembark, whilst offering the maximum in space and comfort.

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Luxurious holidays should be about exploring, unwinding and indulging. Our truly All-Inclusive philosophy means we take care of all details for you, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. All on board dining, premium beverages, excursions, return flights, transfers, tipping plus more are included as standard.

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Discover destinations in depth with exclusive Scenic Enrich excursions; once in a lifetime experiences that take you to places inaccessible to the ordinary traveler. Personalize your days with our program of included Scenic Freechoice , with a range of activities to suit your tastes and pace.

Truly All-Inclusive Dining

Set your senses ablaze and ignite your inner gourmand with an impressive selection of on board dining venues from casual to fine dining. Enjoy unlimited premium beverages with a vast selection of wine, beer, cocktails, spirits. A journey with Scenic is a truly epicurean experience in itself.

Luxury Suites with Butler Service

Your Scenic suite is your own personal sanctuary. With exclusive private verandahs on board Scenic Eclipse, relax in your elegantly appointed spacious suite as your butler pours you a glass of Champagne, and recline in comfort on your signature Scenic Slumber Bed.

Your Wellbeing, Your Way

Scenic brings wellbeing to a new level. In the exceptional Scenic Eclipse’s 550m2/5,920ft2 Senses Spa, enjoy included facilities of a sauna, steam and Vitality plunge pool, relaxation lounges and extensive menu of ESPA treatments+.
+Treatments at additional cost.

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Meticulously designed to create a sense of space, our ships offer the utmost in comfort whilst still feeling intimate. The multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, from bars and libraries to vitality pools and sun decks, makes it easy to find a quiet place where you can unwind and refresh.

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