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Claire's Tips

Planning A Romantic Getaway

Finding time to be together as a couple can be hard to do. Work and family obligations definitely consume a lot of time for most people. A romantic holiday can help couples get away from daily stresses and relax in each other’s company. Here’s how to go about planning a special getaway…because as romantic as it sounds to be whisked away on a spontaneous romantic trip, life just doesn’t work that way… at least not for most people…

Arrange for a reliable sitter for the children and/or pets. Knowing your loved ones are safe and sound will give you peace of mind and maybe even allow you to relax that much more.
Resist the urge to check emails, texts, voice mails, facebook, twitter, whatever. That ability to be connected 24/7 is the norm for most of us now a days, but constantly being plugged into your electronics is a real romance-killer. Of course make necessary communication to check in with family, but other than that – turn them off!

Make sure that you pick a destination that you will both enjoy and remember to stay flexible. Relax, unwind and enjoy the company of your partner. That being said, you can always opt for a combination package with some separate activities you both love. There is nothing wrong with splitting up for a day or two… one partner can go golfing while the other heads to the spa. You can meet up in the evening for a romantic dinner.
If time and money are tight, choose a nearby destination and make it a three-day weekend. Pick a theme or activity you love to do and then check online for travel bargains. Be creative and imaginative, a wine tour or ski weekend can go a long way.

Finding time for romance is crucial to any relationship, and it shouldn’t be limited to anniversaries or Valentine’s Day…with a little planning and preparation, you can definitely have the perfect romantic getaway.



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