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Avoid Being an Annoying Traveler

Busy airports, with typically long line-ups, inevitably lead to cranky people. We’ve probably all been guilty of bugging someone at some point in our travels, but here are a few pointers to make life easier for your fellow travelers and flight crew:

Help speed things up by placing all your metal and electronic gadgets in a coat pocket or carry-on pouch, remove your laptop from its case, have liquids/gels/toiletries in the TSA-approved quart-sized bag, and have those shoes ready to toss in the tray. Organize yourself ahead of time so you can keep the line moving.

Keep walking on the moving sidewalks or escalators or stand to the right side so people can get around. And don’t forget to move those bags out of the way too! Anything not moving has to stay on the right!

Now this should be a given, but go easy on the food smells. You wouldn’t want your seatmate blowing cigarette smoke in your face, so how is that stinky fast-food burger and onion rings any different? Pick a less smelly option like trail mix or a muffin.

And this isn’t solely a food offense. Remember, people are sensitive to beauty products so don’t spray perfume, paint your nails or use smelly lotions or hairspray.

Turn off your electronic devices. The crew tells you to turn them off, so do it. Even though studies have shown it may not cause any disruption with the plane’s electronics, you could be terrifying the person next to you but not listening. Whatever it is, can wait.Stay seated until the aircraft has reached the gate. Even if by some chance you’ve collected your things from the overhead the moment the wheels touch the ground, where exactly do you plan on going? The door is still closed and there are about 60 people seated in the rows before you, all of whom are just as eager to deplane.

So hopefully following these tips will make your trip much more enjoyable, not just for you, but for those around you too.

By Claire Newell, Travel Expert