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Claire's Tips

Travel Safety Apps

It seems like there is an app for just about everything nowadays. There are some great travel apps out there but what about an app that helps you stay safe when traveling?

Travel safety is definitely on the forefront of many people’s minds, and unfortunately, no matter how carefully you prepare, emergencies can happen while you are traveling. Whether it’s a hurricane, terrorism or just an accident, these apps can help you prepare for the worst case scenarios and could possibly even wind up saving your life abroad.
bsafe1 copy

First, bSafe: bSafe lets your friends “walk with you” in live time with GPS tracking. It can also alert your emergency contact if you don’t reach your destination within a pre-set time. You can even schedule a fake call for a potentially bad date!

parachute thing

Next, Parachute: Parachute alerts your emergency contacts and live streams your location, audio and video with one click. It saves all of this online and with your contact so that it’s accessible no matter what happens to your phone.



Next, In Case of Emergency or “ICE”: This is an app that stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of emergency. It stores a list of people to call – right from the app like Insurance information, doctor information, allergies, medical conditions, medications and any special instructions or other information you wish to provide. The app even works when the phone is locked and translates the information into 7 different languages.



And, when you’re traveling, you can go for days without reading a newspaper or hearing what’s going on in the outside world…especially at an exotic all-inclusive somewhere. But what if something is happening in the place you’re visiting that you need to know about?

Download Smart Traveler: You’ll be kept in the loop about travel alerts and warnings. There’s also a great “Know Before You Go” section that will tell you what the entry and exit requirements are, local laws, and even where the nearest Canadian embassy is located. Very handy.



Next is Help Call: Sure, we know to call 911 in case of an emergency at home, but what number do you dial abroad? The Help Call app will automatically detect your location, then you can simply press one button to be connected to the local police, fire, or ambulance.



Have you ever found yourself in a pharmacy on vacation, trying to act out the symptoms of a sore throat or upset stomach because you don’t speak the language? Well you can avoid this embarrassing mime game by downloading mPassport.  This app that will find the local brand equivalent of a medicine that you’re looking for, translate medical terms and phrases, and help you find a doctor, dentist, hospital, or pharmacy nearby. You can even use the app to schedule a doctor’s appointment!


So there you have it, some very cool apps that will help keep you and your loved ones stay safe when traveling.